Dive sites explored by our personell

Amphoras garden

A broken amphora covered by sponges

Ancient wrecks on Kalymnos. The Aegean sea was the main route to connect the ancient developed countries. For thousands of years, wooden...

Casteli Cape

Casteli cape close up

A dive site suitable for all diving levels Casteli Cape is the South end of Kalymnos Diving Park, at about 1,65 nautical miles from...

Dolphins bay

Dolphins bay

Under the climbing sector Dolphins bay. Which was named so because at that time there were some dolphins resting in the bay

Emma's reef

Emma's reef

Lots of Nudibranch! Nice reef, easy dive, lots of marine life. 

Gefyra shore

Gefyra shore

Nice beach, nice shore dive!

Kalamies Reef

Kalamies reef

Shallow reef for an easy dive. Kalamies Reef is a nice shallow reef between Skalia village and Emborios village. Close to Kalamies beach...

Kalavros Reef

Kalavros reef

A really deep reef Kalavros reef is a deep reef between Kastelli cape and Kalavros islet where from it was named. It is located at the...

Labyrinth of Telendos

Labyrinth of Telendos

A mythical name for a mythical dive site! It is a complex of rocks, small reefs, canyons, arches and caverns. Covered by colorful sponges,...

Melitsacha shore

Melitsacha shore

Excelent sea bed if you swim 200 meters from Melitchacha beach.

Natura 2000

Natura 2000

Natura 2000 is a network of protected areas. This one is a resting station for emigrating birds. 

Natural Aquarium

Fish at Natural Aquarium

A dive site with lots of fish like an aquarium.

Panormitis wreck

Panormitis wreck

FJELLSTRAND. A Norwegian ship, seized by Nazis and sunk on Kalymnos Island! "FJELLSTRAND", translated to "Mountain Beach" in English, was a...

Platy Gialos shore

Platy Gialos shore

Posidonia fields, small reefs, big rocks by the coast.  Great for snorkeling and shore dive. On Platy Gialos, the favorite beach of Kalymnians!

Queen of Telendos

Queen of Telendos

Honors the beauty of the Queen of Telendos.  The west half part of the mountain of Telendos forms a woman profile. It is the Queen of...

Shrimps cave

Plesionika narval - Narwhal shrimp - Μονόκερη γαρίδα

Through a deep canyon we find a cave which is full of shrimps. Both the canyon and the cave have an unbelieavable biodiversity.   

Sponge farm

Sponge farm in 2002

An abandoned sponge farm  

Thor Star Wreck

Thor Star wreck at Pserimos island

Shallow wreck of a Syrian cargo boat. Sunk on Pserimos Island. No victims.


a big “window” formed on the rocks, where from it was named

The “Tripiti” dive site, is located at Kefala cape of Emborios village, which is the West edge of the “Diving Park”, at a distance of 3,5 n.miles...

Vlichadia shore

Vlichadia shore

Shore dive from the West side of Vlichadia bay. 


Volcano at Liani Pounda

Also known as Liani Punta. An underwater cave with broken roof. 

Vouros philoxenia

Vouros philoxenia

Shore dive at Kefala Emborios. 

Wooden shipwreck

Wooden shipwreck

Wreck of a wooden boat. Almost dissolved now. 

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