Holidays to Kos and scuba diving Kalymnos.

Dive Kalymnos to add more adventure to your Kos holidays!

Holidays to Kos and scuba diving Kalymnos. Kos Island is great for your summer holidays. But when it comes to scuba diving, the neighbor Kalymnos Island is your best choice.

Kalymnos Island is the top scuba diving destination in the area.

How to dive Kalymnos Island with us during your Kos holidays.

When holidaying to Kos it is pretty easy to come to Kalymnos for one or more days diving.

Ferries connect Mastichari Kos with Kalymnos Island from early morning until late night. The trip lasts from 20 - 40 minutes depending on the ferry.

We meet at 09:00 for our morning diving trip. Or a little later if we have divers coming from Kos. Our trip for a double dive ends at 13:00 - 13:30.

If you get the 09:00 ferry from Mastichari Kos you will be with us in 20 minutes. We will pick you up from Kalymnos port and take you back for the 14:30 ferry. Of course you can get a later on ferry if you want to stay more and explore Kalymnos Island.

Check the ferry schedules from / to Mastichari / Kalymnos:

Contact us by email, by phone or through facebook if you need more information.

Check a small sample of our dive sites and what you can see when diving with us.

Amphoras garden

A broken amphora covered by sponges

Ancient wrecks on Kalymnos. The Aegean sea was the main route to connect the ancient developed countries. For thousands of years, wooden...

Labyrinth of Telendos

Labyrinth of Telendos

A mythical name for a mythical dive site! It is a complex of rocks, small reefs, canyons, arches and caverns. Covered by colorful sponges,...

Nereus Palace

View from Inside Nereus Palace.

You'll spend the whole dive in it! Nereus, the god of the sea before Poseidon, lived in a beautiful underwater cave. If it was to be real,...

While scuba diving with us you will see marine creatures moving around, or attached to the seabed.

Like colorful sponges, bristle warms, sea anemones, soft corals, octopus, sea urchins, starfish and nudibranch.

And fish like sea breams, scorpion fish, parrot fish, moray eels, octopus, stingrays, barracudas, amberjacks and dolphins.

Each of the following photos represents a category of Kalymnos underwater fauna and flora. Clicking on an image on our website will pop-up more photos from this category.

Creatures attached on the seabed.

Serpula vermicularis Cerianthus membranaceus - Tube dwelling anemone - Ανεμώνη που ζει σε σωλήνα Noble pen shell or fan mussel - Πίννα - Pinna nobilis Coryne muscoides Posidonia oceanica - Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed - Ποσειδωνία Lithophyllum lichenoides Sarcotragus spinulosus, Black Sponge, Μαύρο Σφουγγάρι

Creatures moving around.

Octopus vulgaris - Common octopus - Χταπόδι Plesionika narval - Narwhal shrimp - Μονόκερη γαρίδα Antedon mediterranea on a Axinella spp - Mediterranean feather star on a yellow Axinella (sponge) - Φτερωτός αστερίας πάνω σε κίτρινο Αξινέλι - Σταθόρι (σφουγγάρι) Charonia tritonis variegata - Triton's trumpet feeding Dondice banyulensis Paracentrotus lividus - Rock sea urchin - Αχινός Ophidiaster ophidianus - Pink starfish - Μωβ αστερίας

What about fish?

Usual meetings

Like sea breams, scorpion fish, parrot fish, moray eels, octopus.

Rare but possible

Like stingrays, barracudas, amberjacks and dolphins.

How much does it cost to dive with us?

Single dive


80 €

Families, Groups

70 €

Own gear discount

1 boat dive. Full diving gear   ...



90 €

Families, Groups

80 €

Own gear discount

Scuba Review + 1 open water boat dive   ...

Night Dive


100 €

Families, Groups

90 €

Own gear discount

10 €

For Advanced or higher level certified divers. And as part of PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. 1 boat...

2 Dives package


130 €

Families, Groups

120 €

Own gear discount

10 €

1 day diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip. 2 dives total with Full Equipment or withTanks &...

4 Dives package


260 €

Families, Groups

250 €

Own gear discount

20 €

2 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip. 4 dives total with Full Equipment or with Tanks & Weights...

6 Dives package


360 €

Families, Groups

330 €

Own gear discount

30 €

3 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip.  6 dives total with Full equipment or with Tanks &...

8 Dives package


480 €

Families, Groups

440 €

Own gear discount

40 €

4 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip.  8 dives total with Full equipment or with Tanks &...

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course


550 €

Families, Groups

520 €

Own gear discount

30 €

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course: Knowledge development with PADI eLearning.  5 different adventure dives...

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Mikes Reissis, Owner & Managing Instructor, Reservations

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Nikolas Reissis, Information


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Kalymnos is an unspoiled picturesque Greek island. Located between Kos Island and Leros Island in the Aegean sea, Greece.

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KALYMNOS Diving Center is an Authorized PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

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