Vlichadia seal cave

Exceptional rocky dive site.Vlichadia seal cave - Mikes exploring the roof of the arch

Within a short distance we meet an arch, a cave, walls, reefs and caverns with rich fauna and flora. 

The entrance of the cave is under the arch while the cave ends up to a small hidden beach. Stavros Valsamidis who introduced us the dive, told us that the cave was the home of a seal. 

Although we found hair from seals on the hidden beach, we were sceptic whether the cave was actually a seal home.

Until we met the seal waiting for us to exit the cave, facing us and wondering what the hell were we doing in her cave and what she should do with us.

We don't enter the cave after this! 

 Vlichadia seal cave - the arch as seen from the surface Vlichadia seal cave - exiting the arch Vlichadia seal cave - a reef Vlichadia seal cave - cavern with rich fauna and flora Vlichadia seal cave - colony of sponges Vlichadia seal cave - Lobster Vlichadia seal cave -  fish party with a sea urchin

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