Valsamidis Sea World Museum

Exploring the seabed of Kalymnos for more than 60 years, Stavros became a scuba diving legend.

Stavros collected thousands of sea findings and created the Valsamidis Sea World Museum. An impressive collection that everyone should see, at the village of Vlichadia Kalymnos. 

The Valsamidis Sea World Museum at Vlichadia Kalymnos Inside view of Valsamidis Sea World Museum Inside view of Valsamidis Sea World Museum  Representation of the Dodecanese Islands at Valsamidis Sea World Museum Extensive collection of unusual and rare shells at Valsamidis Sea World Museum  Ancient wreck at Valsamidis Sea World Museum Findings from ancient wrecks at Valsamidis Sea World Museum Sharks department of Valsamidis Sea World Museum World War II findings at Valsamidis Sea World Museum Strange sea creatures at Valsamidis Sea World Museum Huge shells and sponges at Valsamidis Sea World Museum

Overview of dive sites introduced by Stavros Valsamidis 

Stavros was generous enough to share his knowledge. Like us, every other diving centre on Kalymnos island benefited from Stavros information.

We are happy to present some exciting dive sites that Stavros introduced to us

Blue cave

Blue cave - It's a miracle

The underwater Grande Grotta! The wide entrance of the cave is underwater while the roof is over the surface of the sea. It is an easy cave...

Pirates cave

Inside the Pirates cave

A refuge for pirates under persecution. Piracy and contraband has been a common activity all over the Mediterranean sea for thousands of...

Stavros canyons

Stavros Valsamidis canyons

Waiting to be explored! A series of broken crags separated from a cliff, form a narrow canyon between them. The canyon is covered in both...



Scenes from Star Trek! Cavern with a hole on the roof. A sunbeam will transfer you in another planet .

Vlichadia seal cave

Vlichadia seal cave - Mikes exploring the roof of the arch

Exceptional rocky dive site. Within a short distance we meet an arch, a cave, walls, reefs and caverns with rich fauna and flora.  The...


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