Scuba diving Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos is a top scuba diving destination in the Aegean sea, Greece and the Mediterranean.

Colorfull nudibranch

Kalymnos Island is a perfect place to start scuba diving. Or to get your certification course. Or to practice your advanced diving skills!

The sea round our  beautiful island is clear, with high visibility and low smooth currents.  

The excellent rocky sea floor has a rich ecosystem and lots of caverns, reefs, walls and wrecks.

Cavern with Corals, Sponges, Rhodophyta - Κοίλωμα με κοράλια, σφουγγάρια και ροδόφυτα Canyon - Φαράγγι Cavern with yellow Corals and Sponges Sunken cave - Βυθισμένο σπήλαιο Semi sunken cave - Ημιβυθισμένο σπήλαιο Wall - Τοίχος Reef - Υφαλος Arch - Αψίδα Wreck - Ναυάγιο

What will you see scuba diving with us.

Please note that each photo represents a category of underwater fauna and flora. Clicking on an image will pop-up more photos from this category.

Creatures attached on the seabed.

Like colorful sponges, bristle warms, sea anemones, soft corals.

Serpula vermicularis Cerianthus membranaceus - Tube dwelling anemone - Ανεμώνη που ζει σε σωλήνα Noble pen shell or fan mussel - Πίννα - Pinna nobilis Coryne muscoides Posidonia oceanica - Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed - Ποσειδωνία Lithophyllum lichenoides Sarcotragus spinulosus, Black Sponge, Μαύρο Σφουγγάρι

Creatures moving around.

Like octopus, sea urchins, starfish and nudibranch.

Octopus vulgaris - Common octopus - Χταπόδι Plesionika narval - Narwhal shrimp - Μονόκερη γαρίδα Antedon mediterranea on a Axinella spp - Mediterranean feather star on a yellow Axinella (sponge) - Φτερωτός αστερίας πάνω σε κίτρινο Αξινέλι - Σταθόρι (σφουγγάρι) Charonia tritonis variegata - Triton's trumpet feeding Dondice banyulensis Paracentrotus lividus - Rock sea urchin - Αχινός Ophidiaster ophidianus - Pink starfish - Μωβ αστερίας

What about fish?

Usual meetings

Like sea breams, scorpion fish, parrot fish, moray eels, octopus.

Rare but possible

Like stingrays, barracudas, amberjacks and dolphins.

Kalymnos is a divers friendly island!

Contact us

  • 0030-6973015550 - Mikes answering
  • 0030-22430-47890 - Nikolas answering

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Find us in Hotel ELIES, Panormos

  • at the center of Panormos village,
  • 100 meters South of ELIES square,
  • on the left side of the street towards Kantouni beach.

Find ELIES square at about:

  • 3 kilometers from Masouri towards Kalymnos port
  • 6 kilometers from Kalymnos port 

coming from Myrties and Massouri

Find us on Kalymnos map

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