Win a Scuba Diving holiday package for 2 persons!

What's common in these 3 shapes? 

The first one who finds the correct answer, wins an one week Scuba Diving Holiday package for 2 persons!

Triangle (or Delta Greek letter) - Eyes like flies - Underscored O (or Greek letter Omega)  

This is the correct answer and the winner:



Look here for tips. One tip per week will be posted here to help for the solution.

  • Tip No 1: publish your comment on your wall, to notify and get help from your friends.
  • Tip No 2 from Heraclitus
    • "Nature loves to hide"
      ( φύσις δὲ καθ’ Ἡράκλειτον κρύπτεσθαι φιλεῖ - κατά τον Ηράκλειτο στη φύση αρέσει να κρύβεται) 
    • "If you don't hope for the unexpected you will not find it, it is unexplored and resourceless"
      (ἐὰν μὴ ἔλπηται ἀνέλπιστον οὐκ ἐξευρήσει, ἀνεξερεύνητον ἐὸν καὶ ἄπορον - αν δεν προσδοκάς το ανέλπιστο δεν θα το βρεις, είναι ανεξερεύνητο και χωρίς πόρους )
  • Tip No 3: Let's add some motion!
  • Tip No 4: Think 3D.

Prize description

  • at Hotel ELIES Kalymnos: 1 week accommodation in double room for 2 persons with buffet breakfast. At any time between 23 June 2017 and 31 August 2017
  • with KALYMNOS Diving Center:
    • PADI Open Water Diver course for 2 persons or
    • 10 dives package for 2 persons if the winner and companion are already certified divers.

Competition terms and conditions

  • The competition starts on Monday 19 March 2017 (19/3/2017) and ends on Saturday 15 April 2017 (15/4/2017) at 24:00 hrs
  • No age restrictions.
  • The answers must be published as comments on this page only, using your facebook account..
  • Answers published anywhere else do not participate to the competition.
  • You can post as many different answers as you want. Take consideration on upcoming tips.
  • The winner and the correct answer will be announced on Sunday 16 April 2017 (16/4/2017).

Contact us

  • 0030-6973015550 - Mikes answering
  • 0030-22430-47890 - Nikolas answering

Email us: use the Contact form

Find us in Hotel ELIES, Panormos

  • at the center of Panormos village,
  • 100 meters South of ELIES square,
  • on the left side of the street towards Kantouni beach.

Find ELIES square at about:

  • 3 kilometers from Masouri towards Kalymnos port
  • 6 kilometers from Kalymnos port 

coming from Myrties and Massouri

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