About sponges

proccessed natural spongeCommercial sponges.

When we say sponges, we usually mean commercial sponges. Sponges that keep their durability and softness once processed.

They are the sponges we all know and we use for daily care. We use them also in industry, painting, homeopathetic, birth control etc.

Non commercial sponges.

In fact, there are thousands kinds of sponges. At a tremendous number of sizes, shapes and colors.

Luckily, only 5 or 6 kinds are "valuable" and fished as commercial sponges. The rest considered as "no value" and left in place, for us to admire!

Following is a sample of non commercial sponges that we meet during our dives. Enjoy their colors and shapes!

Sarcotragus spinulosus, Black Sponge, Μαύρο Σφουγγάρι Agelas oroides and Haliclona mediterranea Aplysilla sulfurea, Orange Encrusting Sponge, Portokali Exoskeletiko dfoygari.jpg Sponges - Dysidea avara (Pink Sponge - Ροζ Σφουγγάρι) and Axinella cannabina (Stathori - Σταθόρι)-auto Aplysina aerophoba, Yellow Tube Sponge, Κίτρινο Σωληνωτό Σφουγγάρι Petrosia ficiformis, Stony Sponge, Πετρώδες σφουγγάρι Raspaciona aculeata, Red hispid sponge, Κόκκινο Τριχωτό Σφουγγάρι Sarcotragus spinulosus, Black Sponge, Μαύρο Σφουγγάρι Crambe crambe - Orange-red Encrusting Sponge - Πορτοκαλί-Κόκκινο Εξωσκελετικό Σφουγγάρι Aplysina aerophoba Clathrina coriacea Axinella spp. – Κίτρινο αξινέλι (κίτρινοι σπόγγοι με διακλαδώσεις) Spongia agaricina - Elephant Ear - Λαγόφυτο Petrosia ficiformis, Stony Sponge, Πετρώδες σφουγγάρι Phorbas tenacior - Blue Encrusting Sponge - Μπλέ Εξωσκελετικό Σφουγγάρι Haliclona rosea Chondrosia reniformis - Kidney shaped Sponge - Σφουγγάρι σε σχήμα νεφρού (Σβούρδουκλας) Dysidea fragilis

New generation medicines from sponges!

The discovery of marine derived natural products, is a promising new field. By 2010 more than 15,000 new marine natural products (NMNP) were discovered. 

Marine sponges are the richest sources of NMNP. With about 4851 compounds to date. Contributing to 30% of all marine natural products discovered so far.

Many studies have revealed a broad spectrum of biological activities for these compounds.

Including anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, neurosuppressive, neuroprotective, antifouling.

And a range of other bioactivities.


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