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​With PADI eLearning you save 2 valuable days from your holidays! 

And we offer it for FREE! 

Introduction to PADI eLearning.

Academic part To get any PADI certification you need to complete a course. Every PADI course consists from the academic part and the in water practice. You'll complete the in water practice in Kalymnos. But for the academic part you have 2 options: 

  1. The classic way.
    You'll read manuals, see videos and write tests in Kalymnos. You'll waste at least 2 days of your holidays.
  2. The eLearning way.
    In water practiceYou study anywhere - at your own time - at your own pace. The manuals, videos and tests are online and interactive. No reading during your holidays

Our offer for FREE PADI eLearning.

PADI eLearning is available for various courses. The cost is 140 Euro or more, depending on the course.

Dive centers want to present low prices and not willing to pay this extra cost to PADI.
If you want eLearning, you have to buy it and pay the extra cost.

But PADI eLearning is very convenient and time saving. For both our students and our instructors.

That's why we decided to offer it for FREE and undertake its extra cost.

If our students choose the eLearning way, they'll pay the course exactly as with manuals!

Make sure that you see KALYMNOS Diving Center at the bottom left How to get your free PADI eLearning

  • Either you buy it from PADI. In this case:
  • Or, send us a deposit of 150 Euro for your course. We'll buy your eLearning and send you a redeem code.

Links to buy eLearning courses from PADI.

Direct links to courses in English.

See here how eLearning works.

You can also buy eLearning as Gift Passes!

You can offer an eLearning PADI course as a gift to family and friends with PADI eLearning Gift Passes. They are as good as cash for any of PADI’s online courses.

And they have udjustable themes for Holiday, Graduation, Wedding and Birthday.

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